Professional English Editing

Clear and concise writing takes work. It takes even more work when it's not in your native language. That's where The Final Edit comes in!

Whether it's a client-facing email, or a full-on business proposal, The Final Edit is here to help put that finishing touch on your copy to ensure you're effectively communicating, and engaging, your customer(s).

The Final Edit works with Dutch organizations who serve an international audience. Specifically, professionals who need to communicate with customers in English yet aren't native English speakers. The Final Edit is here to help ensure those colloquial phrases and nuanced meanings are fully captured to make you, and your organization, shine.

How Does It Work?

Send an introductory email to Lauren at expressing your interest in her services.

Lauren will reply within 24 hours.

  • At this time, she will review the submitted copy for editing and provide an anticipated completion date.
  • Her rate is €45 per hour (plus VAT).
  • Lauren may request to schedule a quick call to clarify the intended message and outcomes, at no additional cost.

Allow Lauren to do her magic!


Please note: All copy must be translated into English prior to engaging Lauren's services. Zij weet een beetje Nederlands, maar deze is nuttig vóór vol begrijpen! Dank u wel.

Next Steps...

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